I am using Vista Beta 2 and Web Office Component with Visual Studio 2005.

When attempting to register a COM object (e.g. Active-X component or OCX) with ‘Regsvr32’, i.e.: regsvr32 COM

it fails with a message box displaying:

DllRegisterServer in COM failed.
Return code was: 0x80070005

Where ‘COM’ is the name of the COM object file.


This behavior may occur if you try to register a DLL by using Regsrv32 while you are logged on using an account that does not have administrative credentials, such as an account that is a member of the standard users group. An account that does not have administrative credentials cannot write to the registry or change files in the System32 folder.

The behavior occurs because Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 use a more restrictive security scheme than earlier versions of Windows use. This scheme prevents standard users from registering DLLs.

There are some solutions as follow:

1. Login in as Administrator.

2. Set “Run as Administrator” property of regsvr32.exe  

3. Turned off UAC (User Account Control) in Vista OS.