If a user attempts to install and run an unregistered ActiveX control from the Internet, Internet Explorer checks to see if the control was digitally signed. If the ActiveX (OCX) file has a certificate of trust that is already trusted on the user’s computer, it is accepted, installed, and registered. Depending on the security level set for use by Internet Explorer, if the certificate of trust is unknown to the system, the user is presented with the option to install the control. If the user accepts the option to install the control, the certificate of trust associated with the control is noted in the registry.

If the ActiveX (OCX) file is installed as part of an application from a CD or other locally opened resource, there is no examination of the certificate (if there is one) associated with the OCX file. It is assumed the file is associated with an application which has been deemed safe to install by the user, and it is installed and registered without challenge.

Once the control is installed on a user’s system, the control no longer invokes code-signing dialog boxes when started. After a control is installed, it is considered safe even if it was not digitally signed originally.

EDraw Office Viewer Component has been signed with EDrawSoft digital signature. It’s safe to download with the default internet safety level.