Every time a user selects an item from the File menu or an item on a toolbar that is associated with a file command, the OnFileCommand event is raised. The event allows you to override the default behavior for the control and supply your own custom actions and dialog boxes to do normal file operations.

You can also enable or disable items on the File menu by using the EnableFileCommand property. For example, the following code disables the Open command, and then traps print calls to prevent a user from opening:
Private Sub Form_Load()
OfficeViewer.EnableFileCommand(dsoFileOpen) = False
End Sub
Private Sub Framer1_OnFileCommand(ByVal Item As _
OfficeViewer.FileCommandType, Cancel As Boolean)
If Item = FileOpen Then
MsgBox "You asked to open, but I won't allow it."
Cancel = True
End If
End Sub