In Office Viewer new version, you can use OpenFileFromStream to open a appointed file or open a file in database.

Either you want to open an appointed file or open a file from database, for client side, all what you need do is the
same, like following:

m_oEdrawOfficeViewer.HttpAddpostString(L”DocumentID”, L”Tester.doc”);

Before you call function HttpOpenFileFromStream, you should do two things, one is to initialize http for clearing all parameters and cookies in http, another thing is to appoint the file or database record. And then use HttpOpenFileFromStream to send the request to the destinated webpage.
Before HttpOpenFileFromStream send request, it will add a couple of parameters automatically.
This couple of parameters tell the destinated webpage OfficeViewer will received file as stream.

At the web side, webpage will decide to read which file or database reacord accordding to the post parameters.
And you should add boundary flag ‘EDA_STREAMBOUNDARY’ to file data, following is the demo.

if (Request.Params[“EDA_GETSTREAMDATA”] == “EDA_YES”)
  String fullFileName = Server.MapPath(Request.Params[“DocumentID”]);
  Byte[] fs = File.ReadAllBytes(fullFileName);

  Response.Write(“Get Stream Successfully!”);