1. Solves the crash if you apply the “SaveToServer”  methods in Internet explore.

Now you can call the follow scripts to finish the SaveToServer.

Sub SavetoServer()
    If OA1.IsOpened = True Then
     document.body.style.cursor = “wait”
     Dim strFileName
     strFileName = OA1.DocumentName
     If strFileName = “” Then
        strFileName = “yourguid”
        strFileName = strFileName + OA1.GetOpenedFileExt()
     End If
      OA1.HttpAddPostOpenedFile strFileName
      OA1.HttpPost “http://www.ocxt.com/demo/upload_weboffice.php
      document.body.style.cursor = “default”
      Dim sPath
      On Error Resume Next
      sPath = “Save successfully! You can download it at http://www.ocxt.com/demo/” + strFileName
    MsgBox sPath
  MsgBox “Please open a document firstly!”
 End If
End Sub

2. Adds some new methods.

Function:  HRESULT GetTempFilePath([out,retval] BSTR* strValue);
Description: Gets a temporary file path.

Function:  HRESULT ClearTempFiles();
Description: Clears these temporary files created by the component. The function won’t delete any other files out of OA temporary directory.

Function:  HRESULT GetOpenedFileExt([out,retval] BSTR* strValue);
Description: Gets the file extend of the current opened file.

Function:  HRESULT GetOpenedFileType([out,retval] OpenedFileType* nType);
Description: Gets the file type of the current opened file.

3. Changes the Insecure Method “void HttpDownloadFile(WebUrl, LocalFile, WebUsername, WebPassword)” to “BSTR HttpDownloadFileToTempDir(WebUrl, WebUsername, VARIANT WebPassword);

Now the component can only download the file to “Internet temporary file directory\OA\”. So anybody can’t use the method to download a file then conver a good system file.