If you would like to upload the open Microsoft Office file in the asp code, you can use the Visual FileUpload dll by the VisualSoft Technologies Ltd.

Review the following code in the dump.asp page:

 <%@ Language=VBScript %>
 On Error Resume Next
 Dim l_oHlp, l_oRequester, l_sPath
 l_sPath = “c:\service\” ‘ you need to modify this
 Set l_oRequester = Server.CreateObject(“VisualSoft.FileUpload.1”)
 If l_oRequester.GetFileName(“trackdata”) <> “” Then
 l_oRequester.MaxFileSize = l_oRequester.GetFileSize(“trackdata”)
 l_lUploaderror = CInt(l_oRequester.SaveAnywayAs(“trackdata”, l_sPath & l_oRequester.GetFileName(“trackdata”)))
 If Not l_lUploaderror = 0 Then Response.Write(“upload error:” & l_lUploaderror
 End If