Edraw Word Viewer Component added the ProtectDoc method which helps to protect the specified document from changes. When a document is protected, users can make only limited changes, such as adding annotations, making revisions, or completing a form.

boolean ProtectDoc(WdProtectType ProtectType, [in, optional]
VARIANT Password);
ProtectType: The protection type for the specified document. WdProtectionType.
Password: Optional Object. The password required to remove protection from the specified
enum WdProtectType
wdAllowOnlyRevisions = 0,
wdAllowOnlyComments = 1,
wdAllowOnlyFormFields = 2,
wdAllowOnlyReading = 3,
wdNoProtection = -1,
The following vb script shows how to protect a document for only revisions.
Sub ProtectDoc_Example()
edword.ProtectDoc 0
End Sub