I’m testing the trial version of Edraw Component for Word v.7.4 befor upgrade from my version.
Everything it’s ok except SaveToServer : I’ve tried out both streaming and none, as in the sample code, but I’ve always the same message « Saved successfully ! » but it’s not so.
I’m developing an .asp application.
I can’t debug the UploadAction.aspx page because of the post method and I don’t know witch is the problem.
What does HttpPost method do?

My code in the SavetoServer method is :


Where myFile is initialized with the full logical path of the file on the server (es. \\Server_name\directory1\..\document.doc)
And myUploadPage is initialized with UploadAction.aspx location (es. http://…/UploadAction.aspx)

I’ve notice that when I open a file from the server the method IsReadOnly return allways true also if is not so.
I’ve tried also to give a new name to the file when I save to the server (replacing the original name with another in myFile variable), but no trace of the new file instead I receive the message « Save successfully ! ».

I’m developing also in C# for a .NET application that use framework 4 and here I’ve a different behaviour: I get error 17 corresponding to eSC_EndRequestFailed. What about this error ? when occur ?

Thanks for your attention