What is server URL means?

What is server URL means in some method of the Edraw component?

OfficeViewer can read a document from memory?


I have a encrypted document in the filesystem. I want to decrypt this document in memory and send it to OfficeViewer without use of temporal files. Is there a way to do it?


Microsoft Word right-click menu doesn’t work

The combination of IE7 and Microsoft Word 2007 results in the failure of the Microsoft Word right-click menu.  The right-click menu starts to come up, and then it immediately disappears. I tested this on multiple web clients and they all had the same problem.

The MS Word right-click menu works with older versions of IE and older versions of MS Word, but the combination of IE7 and MS Word 2007 seems to cause the right-click MS Word menu to fail.

How about other browsers to host office component?

The edraw office viewer component supports the IE6/7/8/9 now.

If FireFox installed the activex control support addon, it’s ok.


Determine what version of Firefox you are using by clicking on “Help” from the Firefox menu bar. Click “About Firefox” to see the version number listed underneath the Firefox logo.
Visit the Firefox Mozilla website to locate the Esker Active X Plug-In (see Resources).
Read to see which version of the plug-in is compatible with the version of Firefox you are running. If there is more than one version of Active X for your Firefox version, always download the latest Active X version since it will reflect updates.
Ensure that the box is checked to install the “Experimental Add-On.” Click “Add to Firefox.”
Accept the license agreement by clicking on the “Accept and Install” button. Once the automatic installation completes, Active X will be activated automatically for Firefox. If for some reason it does not auto-activate, click on “Tools” and “Add-Ons” from the Firefox menu. Click the “Plug-Ins” tab and click “Enable.”
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
You can go to the Esker website:
Then click the “I ACCEPT, Proceed to file downloads ” link at the botton of the page.


Kill dozens of Excel.exe processes stacking up in Task Manager

The Edraw Office Viewer Component V5.6 fixed the bug which the component closes the Excel document (but leaves Excel running) if I have Excel open in another window. Fixed the bug which The Excel process in background is still running and not terminated actually.

Is there any system requirements?

Is there any system requirements?

the server can be any server such as Windows Server or Linux.

The client can be Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

The client needs install the MS Office.

Help needed to register activex in BDS2006 .net environment



I would like to use the ocx in BDS2006 vcl.net application. I would appreciate help in setting this up.





Microsoft Word web toolbar enable


We develop a web document app using DSOFRAMER.

We have a lot of issues… one of them is that in Office 2003 when our application open a word document it enable the word toolbar.


With your product, is posible to hide it programmatically ? 

If the customer uses Office 2007, the web office documents can open good in the web browser or directly open the Word´s program ?


Thanks in advance



With your product is posible to hide this toolbar programmaticaly ?

Other question, if the customer uses Office 2007, the word document opens in the web page or open Word´s program ?

Thanks in advance,



The bookmark methods in the Word component

long GetBookmarkCount();
Returns the number of bookmarks.
BSTR ReadBookmarkInfo([in] long Pos, [in] boolean
Returns the name or value of the special bookmark.
Pos: The index of bookmarks in the document. From 1 to …
NameOrValue: True returns the bookmark name, False returns the bookmark value.
The following java script shows how to read the bookmark information.
function Readbookmark_Example ()
Var count = edword.GetBookmarkCount();
For(int i=1; i<=count; i++)
Var name = edword.GetBookmarkInfo(i, true);
Var value = edword.GetBookmarkInfo(i, false);
boolean WriteBookmarkInfo([in] BSTR Name, [in] BSTR
Writes the value for the special bookmark.
Name: The bookmark name.
Value: The bookmark value.

viewing excel in asp.net 2.0

i am working on a web application that would be viewing an excel file, i’m trying to use the officeviewer ocx but i am having some problem.

i tried to follow the sample code but to no avail… code as follows:

function OpenFromServer()
{document.all.OA1.Open (‘http://dell33/exceldata/exceltest.xls’, ‘Excel.Sheet’;}

i get an error as follows: “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Invalid procedure call or argument”

please help ASAP, thanks