After uninstall the old version and install the upgrade version, follow steps.

For HTML, PHP, ASp, JSP, ASP.NET application, you need change the version number in the Object tag.

<object classid=”clsid:6BA21C22-53A5-463F-BBE8-5CF7FFA0132B” id=”OA1″ width=”674″ height=”500″ codebase=”,0,612,1“>

For VC project, you need go to the form and delete the component. Then delete the OfficeViewer1.h and OfficeViewer1.cpp file from your project. Save project then add the Edraw Office Viewer Component from the Toolbox. Then create a blank VC project based on Dialog. Add Edraw office Viewe Component to the Toolbox. Drag it to the dialog. Add variable for the component. You can find the OfficeViewer1.h and OfficeViewer1.cpp file in the new project. Copy the two files┬áto your exsit project. Add exsit items…

For VB project, you need modify these files.

In OfficeViewer.frm

Object = “{F6F03022-1646-4426-A912-1F26464E81AB}#6.0#0″; “officeviewer.ocx”

In OfficeViewer.vbp

Object={F6F03022-1646-4426-A912-1F26464E81AB}#6.0#0; officeviewer.ocx

For C# or VB.NET project, you need delete the component from your form. Then delete the AxOfficeViewer and OfficeViewer references. Then right click the Toolbox and choose item… In the popup Choose Toolbox Items dialog click the COM Component. Then click the Browse… In the Edraw Office Viewer ┬ácomponent install folder, choose the officeviewer.ocx. Then click OK. Drag the component to your form.