The DSOFramer VC++ Control is released provided by Microsoft to demonstrate how to host Office documents in VB or HTML. As a COM component, it can also be invoked inside .net applications. Unfortunately MS does NOT guarantee any support as it is provided as an example only. The component has lot’s strange problems and is difficult for users to solve. The component is aslo not script safe for initialization and safe for scripting. Some typical bugs in it are impossible. You can find multiple excel processes keep in the task manager when you exit your program. You can find the component popup some memory error when it works in IE8. It also impossible to load a Word document when the web page load automatically. The component will failed to create New document twice consecutively. The component won’t work in the Vista UAC enable environment.

All these will spend lot’s of time to overtime. Why not use the Edraw Office Viewer Component? You can think it’s a enhenced dsoframer and easily get better product support than others. It has some new features to help get the read only property and the http stream support. It is safer because it is code sign and site lock support. The savetoserver method used the http post method and won’t be blocked by the firewall. You can download the trial version from

Or View the online demo at

Edraw Office Viewer Component V7 help you host MS Office and there are not these above headachy problems. It is more steady than the dsoframer and has more automation functions.

What’s New in Edraw Office Viewer Component

1. Faster new and open speed.
2. Supports office 2010.
3. New version invokes the Office Ribbon menu. The developer can enable it or disable it by requirement.
4. Supports to open multiple Word, Excel, PowerPoint Instances in the different form or the IE tab.
5. Solves the toolbar disable issue when open a word instance outside of the component.
6. Solves the word menu flicker in the IE 7 and IE8.
7. Added the method to disable the view right click menu.
8. Allows to disable the save, print and copy hot key in the MS Word document (includes the F12 hot key).
9. Invokes the Word event and Excel event in the component.
10. Supports to open the office 2007 files in Office 2003 with 2007 compatibility package installed.
11. Supports to open the password and write password protected word document.
12. Addes the protect type to allow only revisions or full protection.
13. Fixes the bug which Word cannot create the work file: check environment temp variables when Vista UAC enabled.