1. Fixed the bug which Word cannot create the work file: check environment temp variables when Vista UAC enabled.
  2. Fixed the bug which MS Word will shut down IE in protection mode. It’s better for web application to add work site in IE trust site list.
  3. SiteLock enables ActiveX control developers to restrict the use of an ActiveX control to a predetermined list of domain names or security zones.
  4. Developing Safer ActiveX Controls to allow special file type to upload or download.
  5. Fixed the bug which failed to create MS Word document consecutively.
  6. Added the Error code return for the http download/upload status.
  7. Fixed the bug which the component closes the Excel document (but leaves Excel running) if I have Excel open in another window.
  8. Fixed the bug which The Excel process in background is still running and not terminated actually.
  9. Now the component can work in IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 Protection Mode Off.
  10. Fixed the toolbar region refresh bug when resize PowerPoint object when toolbar is hide.
  11. Fixed the error message “Attempt to access invalid address”.
  12. Read-Only. Protect the end user to modify the MS Word document by Calling the OfficeProtectDocument method in the OnDocumentOpened event.
  13. The OfficeProtectDocument method can also protect multiple Excel sheets. It will protect the Excel Charts too. Supports xlNoSelection, xlNoRestrictions and xlUnlockedCells.
  14. Added some methods to support http upload/download.
  15. Provided some methods to disable the hot keys. Prevent the end users to print document, copy and paste.
  16. To avoid the unknown file type in the Windows temporary folder, the component enhanced the WebUrl parse. In the HttpOpenFileFromStream, HttpOpenFileFromServerDir and Open methods, the WebUrl parameter must include the file extend name so that the component know the file type. For example: http://www.ocxt.com/Getfile.aspx?ID=1002&FileName=guid.docx, or http://www.ocxt.com/samples/sample.xls.
  17. Added the OnBeforeDownload, OnDownloadComplete and OnUploadComplete events.
  18. You can set the protect type by setting the first character of “Password” parameter. AllowOnlyRevisions = 0: User can only add revision marks to the document. AllowOnlyComments = 1: User can only modify comments in the document. AllowOnlyFormFields = 2: User can only enter data in the form fields in the document. ReadOnly = 3: No changes are allowed to the document. Available since Microsoft Word 2003.
  19. Cancelled the count limitation to open the office document at the same time.
  20. The component is safe for initialization and safe for scripting.
  21. The activex control was signed with the digital certification.
  22. Fixed the bug which  delete the user file.
  23. Fixed the bug which MS Word crashes when closing Print Preview mode.
  24. Use the NotifyCtrlReady event to avoid IE crash when loading an office document automatically.