If you are building a .NET application and you are struggling to find a way to host Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio drawings orProject files, you might consider using the Visual C++ ActiveX Control for hosting Office documents. I learned about this download resource and I was shocked to see how you can add it to your solution and start working with Office applications in less than a minute. You can open Office applications, format content, update documents, save changes, print, and more inside your application. The EDraw Office Viewer Component is an Active X control written in MFC. The download includes some sample codes to use it inside Visual Basic, HTML pages, C#, Asp.NEt. You can also enable and disable specific functionality by using a full set of properties, methods, and events exposed for customization.

You can also host the control inside managed applications following these simple steps:

1. Downlad the EDraw Office Viewer Component.
2. Open Visual Studio .NET. 
3. Open your WinForms or WebForms application.
4. Add the EDraw Office Viewer Component to the Toolbox: 
5. On the Tools menu, click Customize Toolbox (in Visual Studio .NET 2002), or click Add/Remove Toolbox Items (in Visual Studio .NET 2003 or 2005), and then click the COM Components tab. 
6. On the COM Components tab, select EDraw Office Viewer Component. 
7. Click OK to close the Customize Toolbox dialog box.
8. Select the EDraw Office Viewer Component icon that appears in the ToolBox and drag-and-drop the control over the Form or Web Form.
9. Adjust the control’s docking/size as needed.
10. Build and run the application.
11. Create a new document to test the control.
12. You can call more than one hundred methods to customize your application.