With Edraw Office Viewer Component, it’s easy to embed the ms office program in c# froms or html pages. Only drag it to your form, you can call some method to do the office automation directly such create a Word document or initialize an Excel sheet.

1. Download Edraw Office Viewer Component then install it. Or you can register the officeviewer.ocx using regsvr32 command.
  C:\\WINNT\System32\regsvr32 OfficeVidewer.ocx
2. On successful registration you would get message dialog.
3. Add Office Viewer Active-X control on your form through customize toolbox window.
4. Drag and drop component from toolbox on your form and resize as per requirement.
5. Now add reference for “Microsoft Word Object Library 11.0” from add reference on solution explorer. Here I am using Word 2003, so object library version is 11.0.
6. You can see all added reference on solution explorer as shown in figure. Two reference has been added for Edraw Office Viewer  Component (AxOfficeViewer and OfficeViewer) and three libraries for Office & Word (Microsoft.Office.Core and Office and Word).
7. Define a variable for word document in public section of form as
   public Word.Document oDoc;
8. Add following code for button click event
private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
     //Remove Office Viewer Component Title Bar and create a new Word document
     axOfficeViewer1.Titlebar = false;
     //Invoke Word properties
     oDoc = (Word.Document)axOfficeViewer1.ActiveDocument;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.View.Type = Word.WdViewType.wdOutlineView;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.DisplayRulers = false;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.DisplayScreenTips = false;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = false;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.DisplayVerticalRuler = false;
     oDoc.ActiveWindow.DisplayVerticalScrollBar = true;
10. Now you can add text, format it, send mail do all functionalities.
11. You can control all word functionalities to be made available or unavailable programmatically through code with all available objects, properties & Methods of word.