5.3.407.1 version is a maintenance update.

1. Provided the silent print for the MS office document.

2. Added WordGetCurrentPageIndex and WordGetTotalPageCounts to return the current page number and page counts in Word document. 

3. The ExcelGetCellValue won’t returns null when the date is numeric;

4. Supported to open an Office 2007 file from the remote server with the “Open” method directly.

1. Fixed the buffer overflow to execute arbitrary code via a long first argument to the HttpDownloadFileToTempDir method and FTPDownloadFile.

2. Solved the failture when saving an Excel document to the server and having a cell activated.

3. Removed the default overwrite reminder from Microsoft Excel if you save an open Excel file at the same position multiple times.

4. Solved: Return to the first page if you click the Document Map in a protected Microsoft Word document

5. Solved: The excel process keeps back when call the “OfficeProtectDocument” method.

6. Some other small improvements.