As you know, if you are using the dsoframer ocx to load a word document, somtime the web page will crash. Aim at the bug, we add an event to solve the issue.

Reasons: When IE parses the pages, it will construct its pages list of Object target automatically. At this same time object will automatically initialize its own. But they are synchronized, non-fixed timing. If IE called “Open” Interface of the ocx, but the ocx did not prepare its own window, it will lead to the anomaly.

Solution: Independent IE, after the ocx completes the initialization, derived an incident “NotifyCtrlReady”. In “NotifyCtrlReady” incident called Open Interface, can guarantee OCX window well prepared, there will be no anomaly.

Please referent the event interface:

[id(OA_DISPID_NOTIFYCTRLREADY), helpstring(“Ready to open document.”)]
HRESULT NotifyCtrlReady();